Continuous Glucose Monitors Benefits and Tips

If you’re new to a diabetes diagnosis, then you may be unfamiliar with many things, including the term CGM. Here’s a quick review for those of you who do know and an overview for those that don’t.

CGM stands for Continuous Glucose Monitor.

Here’s a quick explanation of what a CGM does:

A Continuous Glucose Monitor is a device that takes blood glucose readings on set intervals. A small electrode that is the size of a quarter is placed under the skin and held in place by an adhesive. A transmitter attached to the electrode sends data to a separate unit allowing a patient to record and access valuable information that allows them to manage and help control their diabetes. A simple swipe produces a quick reading along with trend data to help patients identify where glucose levels are headed.

Depending on the severity of the diabetes diagnosis, patients could have to check their levels several times throughout the day. Continuous Glucose Monitors give patients the freedom to live a more active and less painful way of life. Prior to the creation of CGM devices, the traditional and main method of checking levels involved a blood glucose monitor and painful fingersticks. Here are 5 benefits of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and why you should consider using one to help keep your diabetes under control:


A CGM provides security in the sense that you have a constant companion to help monitor blood glucose levels and keep you safe. Continuous Glucose Monitors, like the FreeStyle Libre, take the guesswork out of where glucose levels are at and where they are headed. CGMs give patients the freedom to lead a normal life and takes the guesswork out of how certain foods will affect blood glucose levels.


They are discreet and private and can be worn on the abdomen or upper arm depending on the brand. A CGM user can check their blood glucose levels anytime and anywhere with ease. When things seem awry, there is no need to unpack a clunky kit filled with testing strips, lancets and a cumbersome meter to test blood glucose levels each and every time. Patients simply swipe their sensor to get a reading within seconds. Results can even be read through clothing, including winter sweaters and jackets.


Continuous Glucose Monitors provide consistency by capturing real-time data that can be stored and tracked to help identify trends. They can also identify patterns that can be shared with healthcare professionals and caregivers to help avoid dangerous situations. Depending on the device, this data can be stored for up to 3 months which allows for better diabetes management overall.


Diabetes patients can lead a healthy, active lifestyle thanks to a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. Swimming, running and all other forms of exercise are possible while wearing a CGM. A CGMS can help by monitoring how each activity affects glucose levels and can let users know when it’s time to slow down and rest.


A CGMS provides 24/7 peace of mind and can send alerts when levels are too high or too low. They can even alert family members, healthcare professionals and loved ones to help keep things in check. Even while sleeping, alarms can be set so that patients and caregivers are always in the know and stay prepared.


The three most popular monitoring systems on the market today are the Dexcom, Medtronic, and the Freestyle Libre. There are similarities among the devices, but the Freestyle Libre is our top pick because it’s convenient, easy to use and provides patients more freedom and gives healthcare providers more control.

Each Freestyle Libre scan provides a current glucose reading, a trend arrow and an 8-hour history. The Freestyle Libre gives patients and healthcare providers an easy way to track daily patterns, ranges and targets and can receive alerts when they are trending high or low. Using the Freestyle Libre in conjunction with the LibreView downloadable app allows patients to retrieve readings right from their smart device. Data can be shared with healthcare providers and up to ten followers which helps patients with the overall management of diabetes and helps to keep glucose levels under control.

The Freestyle Libre is becoming more readily available through various channels. The qualifying process, however, can be daunting for both the patient and provider. At Quest Health Solutions, we can guide you through the entire process. We are not only one of the leading suppliers of Continuous Glucose Monitors in the market today, but we also offer CGM Fulfillment Solutions. Our experienced team will handle all of the paperwork, insurance verification, billing and authorization calls so that healthcare providers do what they do best – treat patients! To learn more about the Freestyle Libre and our CGM Fulfillment Solutions, contact Quest Health Solutions at 1-877-888-7050 Option 3, Ext. 1011 or email or schedule an appointment today.